Penorl™ Rubber Adhesive
Rubber Adhesive RA-65

Chemical name: Hexamethoxymethylmelamine (HMMM) 65% + inert carrier(white carbon black).

Other name: Rubber adhesive RA-65, Melamine Resin

It is similar to CYREZ® 964.

CAS No.: 3089-11-0

Rubber adheisve HMMM-65% (RA-65) is methylene donor in bonding system for rubber and steel cord or fabric cord.

Appearance White powder
Ash content (850℃) 29~35
Water content % ≤4.5
Sieve residue (325 mesh wet-method) % ≤0.3
Free formaldehyde content % ≤0.1
Effective constituent % ≥65
Heating Loss % ≤4.5

1. It can promote adhesive force for rubber and steel cord or fabric cord.

2. Suggested ratio: 2-5 phr Rubber adhesive RA-65 with 2-5 phr resorcinol formaldehyde resin(such as RF-20 resin).

1. In woven bag or paper bag lined with PE film bag, net weight: 25Kg/bag.

2. Shelf life is one year.

TDS of Rubber Adhesive RA-65

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