Vestox™ Rubber Antioxidant
Rubber Antioxidant DTPD (3100)

Chemical Name: N,N'-ditolyl-p-phenylene diamine (mixture)

Other name: Vulkanox 3100, Wingstay 100, Nailax

CAS No.: 27417-40-9

Rubber Antioxidant DTPD has good resistance to ozone, excellent anti-flex cracking performance.

Appearance Brownish grey granule
Content % ≥90
Initial melting point (dry) ℃ 90-100
Heating loss (65℃, 3h)% ≤0.5
Ash content (800±25℃) % ≤0.3

1. It can be used for sizing materials.

2. It is suitable for load tires, cross-country tires and various tires and bias-ply tires.

1. In woven bag or paper bag lined with PE film bag, net weight: 25Kg/bag.

2. Stored in dry, clean and cool warehouse; dampness and heating are strictly prohibited..

3. Shelf life is one year.

TDS of Rubber Antioxidant DTPD

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