Jerina™ Functional Additives
Rubber Reinforcing adhesive RF-1

Jerina™ RF-1 is a functional auxiliary agent, which is produced by Reactive hydrocarbon molecules, Nano silicon dioxide, Boron compounds and Anti-aging new materials. The production technology contains in-situ synthesis, weak bond suspended, active coated and diameter expanding.

Jerina™ RF-1 is non-toxic, harmless to human and no environmental pollution.

Item Specification
Appearance silver grey granular
Heating loss(105℃X2h),% ≤2.0
Ignition loss(800℃X2h),% ≤15.0
pH Value 8.0±1.5

1. Jerina™ RF-1 can improve the adhesive force.

When RF-1 is used in all-steel tires, semi-steel tire and engineering tire, RF-1 can significantly improve the adhesion between rubber and steel cord, polyester, nylon and other framework materials..

2. Jerina™ RF-1 can reduce the porosity and improve compactness.

RF-1 can effectively capture and consume micromolecule of semi-finished products, then reduce the porosity, and improve the compactness of rubber mater-batch though filling nano materials. Meanwhile, RF-1 also can improve heat resistance and fatigue resistance of vulcanized rubber.

3. Jerina™ RF-1 has interfacial activity, it can reduce the interfacial energy, which can stabilize dimension of rubber tread and rubber sheet, and surface of products would be smooth.

1. RF-1 apply to natural rubber (NR) and synthetic rubber (SR), mainly used for all-steel tires and semi-steel tires.

2. Add RF-1 together with Zinc Oxide when mixing the rubber materbatch.

3. 6-8phr used for the formulation of tire carcass, tire film, tire belted layer and tire transition layer.

4. 15phr can be used in tire inner liner formulation to replace other filler, and/or make small adjustment based on the vulcanizing rate.

5. 6phr used for the formulation of tire tread and tires sidewall.

1. It is packed in Kraft paper bags lined with plastic film, net weight is 25kg/bag.

2. It should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse.

3. Shelf life is 36 months.

TDS of Rubber Reinforcing adhesive RF-1

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